Wonder in Wood "The German Christmas Shop" Skipton, Norh Yorkshire

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Candle Arches: The miners who had been extracting ore from the mountains here since the Medieval Ages have always yearned for light and it is this yearning which is the origin of many of the motives to be found in the Erzgebirge crafts.

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202/434 15 cm h Carollers Arch


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202/392 B 15 cm h Christmas Time Arch

Painted £36.99

202/392 N 15 cm h Christmas Time Arch Natural £34.99

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12416 20 cm height  Choir Scene Candle Arch, £95.99

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12418 20 cm height  Nativity Scene Candle Arch, £119.99

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202078 9 cm h Small Carollers £18.99

 202530 N 10 cm h Small Church and Carollers £40.99

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G 180 9 cm h Carol Singers £25.99

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12312 19 cm h Carollers,

Pointed Arch, £83.99

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12314 19 cm h Nativity Scene,

Pointed Arch £88.99

12310 19 cm h Santa,

Pointed Arch,

225/23 12 cm   Santa Arch £15.99

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3501    40 x 43 cm   Nativity  Electric   £89.99

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gg366    62 x 25 cm   Nativity  Electric LED lights inside arch   £259.99