Wonder in Wood "The German Christmas Shop" Skipton, Norh Yorkshire

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Seiffen Boys Choir: Still today, on each of the four Sundays of Advent, the boys' choirs in Seiffen and other Erzgebirge communities go from house to house carrying lanterns and illuminated stars wishing the inhabitants with their chorals and festive songs a blessed Christmas.

The style of the singer's clothing is from around 1535 as the area around Seiffen went over to Protestantism. Unlike the altar boys of Catholic priests, the clothing consists of a simple black overdress and a round brimmed hat.

Around 1935, Max Schanz from Seiffen created the "original choir scene" consisting of five choirboys each holding a book between both hands, one choirboy holding a star, three narrow, gable-roofed houses. One of them having a ridged turret tower representing a church and two trees made of wood shavings.

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200/065 16 cm h Church & Carol Singers £64.99

200131 TL 7.5 cm Carol Singer £15.99

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204010 R 12 cm 5 Carol Singers and 2 Trees   £38.99

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204010 12 cm 5 Carol Singers and 2 Trees   £38.99

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12416 20 cm height  Choir Scene Candle Arch, £89.99

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12312 19 cm h Carollers,        Pointed Arch, £78.99

202/434 15 cm h Carollers Arch £36.99

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202078 9 cm h Small Carollers £18.99

 202530 N 10 cm h Small Church and Carollers £40.99

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G 180 9 cm h Carol Singers £25.99

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204019 11 cm

Carol Singers and Church  £34.99

2040181 N  11.5 cm

Carol Singers and Church  £49.99

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