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Grp 140  MB

Toy maker Workshop


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Zie 1 MB 13 x 11 cm  

Santa natural  


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Ulb 430150 MB 11 x 8 cm



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Mbblank  15 x 7 cm

Blank music box


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Che 104 16 cm

Santa with Bell


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Che 01 20 x 14 cm

Stove Green


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Kwo 25014 10 cm

Butcher small


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Dwu Herb 18 cm

Herb green


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35410 20 cm

Sleepy Santa


701 11 x 7 cm

Snowman candleholder


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1463221NR 12 cm

Natural Mushroom


146322NG 14 cm

Mushroom house


350001 25 cm

Santa and Bells



Noah's Ark


Noah and his wife with a selection of ring - turned animals ( 18 Pairs ) the Ark and rainbow.

This ark is not a toy, the smallest figure is approximately 1 cm tall and the largest 7 cm tall. All the animals are hand turned and carved. Genuine Erzgebirge, made in Germany.

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TG086200N  18 cm

Christmastime (N)


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^^ The Stoves and Santa above are NOT German they are made to the same high standards in the Czech side of the Ore mountains, hence the very good price.

085100L 25 cm

Deer  £41.99

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