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Beautiful Christmas tree decorations from the Erzgebirg, Germany.

We have Pyramids from some of the top makers in Germany.

Christmas Pyramids

Christmas tree ornaments and decorations light up the Christmas tree with their own special charm.

Tree Decorations

A large selection of collectable figures, Santa’s, Lovingly handmade in Germany.


The Stately wooden Nutcrackers adorn many a home throughout the world.


Delightful Music Boxes, the boxes themselves handmade by German craftsmen and Women.

Music Boxes

The lovely incense burning smokers are available in many styles and designs for throughout the year.

Smoky Men

Wooden candle holders with a variety of scenes from Santa and Snowmen to scenes of the Nativity.

Candle Holders

The Nativity story is depicted in a large variety of items from individual pieces to full Nativity sets.


A selection of Candles for all of the items we stock in a choice of three colours.


A new selection of scents and makes of Incense cones are now available from Chocolate to Roast Almond.

Incense Cones

The Candle Arches or Schwibbögen as known in Germany, come in all sorts of sizes and styles.

Candle Arches

Children's quality chunky wooden puzzles

For 3 years +

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CKM58 8 cm

Pair of Bride and Groom bottle stoppers with stands


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STE01 Limited edition Steiff Bear and Hummel Figure

“The Little Maestro”


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